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MobSOS - A Testbed for Mobile Multimedia Community Services

by renzel last modified Apr 15, 2008 07:33 PM

Due to recent developments in the domain of mobile broadband communication and a growing availability of standardized development tools for mobile devices a new generation of mobile services and applications is expected to emerge in the near future combining well-established multimedia and community concepts with mobile aspects. However, it is often challenging to predict the success of such new services.

In our M3R 08 contribution paper "MobSOS - A Testbed for Mobile Multimedia Community Services" we introduce the MobSOS testbed and its homonymous success model based on a combination of traditional information system success models with modern requirements for mobile multimedia communities.

After thorough analysis of reviewer comments we decided to provide two addenda that are linked from the original paper.

"Addendum 1 - MobSOS Success Model Design" presents information on the general structure of the MobSOS success model including a full list of success factors to be included in a first version as well as a preview of success measure design.

"Addendum 2 - Conceptual Modeling of MobSOS Monitoring Communication Log Data" gives detailed information on what data fields are recorded by the MobSOS communication monitoring module.
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