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MPEG-21 File Format

by Filhotaum last modified May 30, 2008 09:38 AM
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MPEG-21 File Format

Posted by Filhotaum at May 30. 2008
Hi experts! Anyone knows how to open a MPEG-21 content? I want to open a MPEG-21 content, like a ZIP file. Help please! Thanks!

Re: MPEG-21 File Format

Posted by Christian Timmerer at May 30. 2008
Hi ! afaik there're no 'simple' tools around for handling .mp21/.m21 files except maybe reference software. But as you probably know that jpeg/mpeg file formats share the same basis, i.e., the ISO base media file format and on [1] I found that with "MP4Box -h meta" it's possible to add metadata to an .mp4 file which, in fact, could be then seen as a .mp21 file. Not 100% but okay, at least it's a starting point. I may ask someone else about the status of the reference software if you like. On the other hand, please note that although MPEG-21 does define a file format, MPEG-21 content (better known as Digital Items) is usually distributed and the entry point is - in most cases - just an XML document better known as Digital Item Declaration (DID). The DID may include various metadata assets and may point to the actual media resources (e.g., audio, video, images, ...) by means of an URI. Best regards, -Christian [1]
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