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IEEE MultiMedia Special Issue

by harald last modified May 09, 2009 07:56 PM
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IEEE MultiMedia Special Issue on Multimedia-Metadata and Semantic Management

Multimedia metadata description standards—for example, MPEG-7/21—proposed in recent years have added an important aspect to the creation of multimedia content and related semantic management. Several multimedia-metadata formats and standards have been tailored to specific application domains—for example, broadcasting, multimedia mobile, and so on. The application of Semantic Web technologies to multimedia content has brought forward the use of the Resource Description Framework, XTM, and Topic Maps for the description of multimedia metadata. But, to make multimedia applications ubiquitous, accessible, and interoperable, we need new mechanisms to describe and process contextual semantics of multimedia artifacts, especially over the Web. Contextual metadata, including linguistic semantics, and visual semantics (for example, semaphore) about multimedia artifacts, will play an important role in these mechanisms.
The general aim of this special issue is to assess the current status and technologies, as well as to outline the major challenges and future perspectives related to multimedia production, management, and exchange from a Semantic Web perspective in contextualized ubiquitous, accessible, and interoperable environments. Its aim is to provide an overview of the state of the art and future directions in this field by including a wide range of interdisciplinary contributions from various research groups. Overall, the issue will outline the rich potential of the multimedia area for advanced contextual metadata- and semantic-driven multimedia systems and semantic-oriented services along the Web 3.0 evolution trajectory.

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