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Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata

by Martin Frericks last modified Jun 23, 2008 01:14 PM

The first Springer book of the Multimedia Metadata Community is available online. Congratulations to Michael Granitzer, Mathias Lux and Marc Spaniol who did a fantastic job to edit the book in this incredible short period.

Book Cover: Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata

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Research in the field of multimedia metadata is especially challenging: Lots of scientific publications and reports on research projects are published every year and the range of possible applications is diverse and huge. This book gives an overview on fundamental issues within the field of multimedia metadata focusing on contextualized, ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable services on a higher semantic level. The book in hand provides a selection of basic articles being a base for multimedia metadata research. Furthermore it presents a view on the current state of the art in multimedia metadata research. It provides information from versatile applications domains (Broadcasting, Interactive TV, E-Learning and Social Software) such as:

  • Multimedia on the Web 2.0
  • Databases for Multimedia (Meta-)Data
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval & Evaluation
  • Multimedia Metadata Standards
  • Ontologies for Multimedia

The multimedia metadata community (, where from this book originated, brings together experts from research and industry in the area of multimedia metadata research and application development. The community bridges the gap between an academic research and an industrial scale development of innovative products. By summarizing the work of the community this book contributes to the aforementioned fields by addressing these topics for a broad range of readers.

Multimedia Semantics at

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