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Related Projects

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MPEG-7/21 related projects of the community participants

Link SFB/FK 427 "Media and Cultural Communication"
Collaborative Research Center on "Media and Cultural Communication" funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG)
Collaborative Research Center on "Information Technology Support For Collaborative and Distributed Design Processes in Chemical Engineering" funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG)
The Network of Excellence on Professional Learning (PROLEARN) IST-2003-507310 funded by the European Commission
Link Measurable Intelligent and Reliable Semantic Extraction and Retrieval of Multimedia Data
MISTRAL is an Austrian Research project conducted by the TU-Graz and industry partners. The goal is to exploit multimodal relationships for increasing the semantic description of multimedia data.
Link Tempus project CUELC
The Cairo University E-Learning Center (CUELC) Tempus project funded by the European Commission
Link DANAE - Dynamic and Distributed Adaptation of scalable multimedia coNtent in a context-Aware Environment
FP6-2002-IST-1 507113. DANAE proposes to address the dynamic and distributed adaptation of scalable multimedia content in a context-aware environment. Its objectives are to specify, develop, integrate and validate in a testbed a complete framework able to provide end-to-end quality of (multimedia) service at a minimal cost to the end-user. An application will be specifically developed and implemented on a demonstrator, to illustrate the new service concepts pioneered by the Project.
Link DAIDALOS - Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services
Link AXMEDIS - Automating Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution
Link ENTHRONE - End-to-End QoS through Integrated Management of Content, Networks and Terminals
The ENTHRONE project proposes an integrated management solution which covers an entire audio-visual service distribution chain, including content generation and protection, distribution across networks and reception at user terminals.
Link K-Space
K-Space integrates leading European research teams to create a Network of Excellence in semantic inference for semi-automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content. The aim is to narrow the gap between content descriptors that can be computed automatically by current machines and algorithms, and the richness and subjectivity of semantics in high-level human interpretations of audiovisual media: The Semantic Gap.
Link Semantic VAMP
A Semantic Validation Service for MPEG-7 Profiles Description
The P2P-Next integrated project will build a next generation Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content delivery platform, to be designed, developed, and applied jointly by a consortium consisting of high-profile academic and industrial players with proven track records in innovation and commercial success.
Link InterMedia
Link Scalable Video Based Provisioning of TV and VoD Services over the Internet (SCALIPTV)
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