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Research Position in Scene Interpretation

by Martin Frericks last modified May 09, 2009 08:03 PM
Status Open

at the Cognitive Systems Laboratory, Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg

Applications are requested for a research position in the EU-funded project eTRIMS, duration until 3/2009. We look for a researcher with the background and caliber to investigate principled approaches for scene interpretation combining logic-based and probabilistic models. The task includes implementation work on the scene analysis system SCENIC.

The Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of Hamburg has a long-standing record of leading-edge research in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. One of our focus areas is scene interpretation and the connection of vision processes with common-sense knowledge.

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful towns in Germany which offers all attractions of a metropolitan city while retaining a natural and lovely environment. Applicants must have an above-average university degree in Computer Science and competence both in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. The monthly salary amounts to 2900 EUR (1663 EUR after taxes) with an 11% increase after the first year.

Please send applications to

Prof. Bernd Neumann

University of Hamburg

Department of Informatics

Vogt-Koelln-Str. 30

/22527 Hamburg

Tel. +49-(0)-40-42883-2451 Fax +49-(0)-40-42883-2572

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